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What is your “Gut Feeling?”

“I am telling you, I have this strong GUT FEELING!!” “Oh!! I should have listened to my gut” Have you ever heard or spoken these lines and wondered whether our “Gut Feelings” really work?

Well, now science has found the reason behind it. According to the American Psychology Association, the human gut is actually considered to be a “Second Brain”. It is the only system in our body to have its own independent nervous system.

Your stomach is your best friend. You should listen when it speaks to you. Intuition acts as the first line of defence which protects you against any digestive ailments. It is very easy to fall prey to gastrointestinal problems. Every time we eat street food, we are exposing our stomach to a different environment which it is not used to.

Maybe it’s time we start taking better care of our stomach because a healthy stomach is the sign of a healthy body.


The first step towards taking care of our gut would be to understand the tiny bacteria which work continuously to fight against infections and build up our immunity. While they all may seem very similar, they all have a different function to play in our second brain, the “gut”.

“Antibiotics” fight against and kill all the bad bacteria to keep infection at bay. But, sometimes this process gets so violent; it kills off all the healthy bacteria too. This usually happens in the case of extreme infections or diseases.

This is where the other “biotic” comes into the picture. Called “Probiotics”, it helps to maintain the normal gut micro-flora and also helps in nutrient absorption, which fortifies the body against any probable infections. 

“Prebiotics” are food ingredients which nurture the good bacteria and reduce bad bacteria in our body. So, all three “biotics” together, play a very important role in the fortification of our body. 

Without probiotics, we would lose out on the nutrients from food that will simply be flushed out of the body. Our stomach has three main functions:

  1. Store swallowed food.
  2. Mix food with gastric juices for an easier breakdown of nutrients.
  3. Send the food ahead into the small intestine to be digested.

When we ingest bad bacteria with unhygienic or unhealthy food, its entire chemistry is thrown out of balance and it is unable to perform one or more of these functions effectively. It further leads to other complications that can have severe consequences on our health. So, a healthy stomach means a healthy body.

One of the best natural sources of probiotics would include yogurt, curd, fermented milk or recipes which we can easily add-on to our daily diet. 

Probiotics are “Live Culture” and hence, are unstable at higher temperatures of around 75 degrees and up. Under such conditions, probiotics from natural sources alone may not be sufficient to achieve the health benefits. 

Therefore, it is important to consume probiotic supplements daily which provide a minimum concentration of 106 CFU/mL or gram for the optimum probiotic effect. Remember:

  • Every strain of probiotic functions differently. So, it is important to consume more than one strain of probiotics.
  • Check the label to understand the nutritional facts so that you do not end up consuming extra sugar with the probiotics.
  • The potency of the probiotic supplement is very important.
  • Make sure to select the right supplement which serves probiotics and prebiotics in a correct proportion.

Probiotic supplements should be convenient to carry around, even when you’re traveling. It is more important to fortify your stomach during your travel as you will make your gut work harder.

Help your stomach help you, listen to your ‘Gut Feelings’.

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